Hike to Secret Lake

Photo: Secret Lake (2015)
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Thirteen Vermilion Fork Field Naturalists met thirteen like-minded people from the Osprey Lake area and together they had a good time doing the 2 km hike to Secret Lake, using the Blue Flag Trail that Mark Wong and the Telliers flagged out. The hike began with an explanation from Mark on what had occurred in this area.  A private group logged the vicinity leaving it in a sad state.  A group of people then bought the land with the intention of bringing it back to its natural state.  Their first job was to clear the mess that was left behind and then plant trees.  In this endeavour Weyerheuser proved to be very helpful by donating thousands of tree seedlings.  This new tree growth is every evident at the site.  Leaving the newly planted zone, we walked through a wooded area, stopped, admired, and identified wildflowers, amongst them the beautiful Tiger Lily.  A hawk circled high in the sky on a day that was just perfect for walking. Secret Lake proved to be a special spot.  At one end was a beaver lodge and the surface of the water glistened with lily pads, much appreciated by Barrow’s Golden-eyed Ducks, a turtle that came into view, and a small frog capture by our young naturalist, Karlie Sellmer, for us to admire, then released into the water. We also found a sandpiper’s nest with 4 beautiful eggs.