Osprey Lake to Eastmere & Westmere Lakes

Photo: Osprey Lake to Eastmere and Westmere
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The hike from Tellier’s Fisherman’s Cove at Osprey Lake to the lakes of Eastmere and Westmere started under bright blue skies with gentle, refreshing breezes, a round trip of 9 km. Twenty-four nature enthusiasts, amongst them a young hiker, 8 year old Mathias, and a special guest from Russia tromped off with unbridled energy. Following the Tellier’s foot trails, the viewpoints to “Top of the World” and “360” were reached. From “Top of the World” the peaks of the Three Brothers, Snass and Outram stuck out proudly in the mid-morning sun.  At “360” the view was somewhat obscured due to new growth, showing a good forest recovery. Thinking of lunch we renewed our efforts and continued our trip to Eastmere & Westmere, two lovely lakes in the midst of trees. Common loons swam gracefully around the lily-pad lakes while someone reported Spotted Sandpipers along the shore.   Other birds seen or heard on the hike were Spruce Grouse, Red-breasted Nuthatch, Swainson Thrush, Black-capped Chickadee, and Townsend Solitaire. We stopped and had lunch at Westmere. Two adventurous ladies swam in the warm lake, one individual tried his hand at fishing, and others sat and enjoyed the view. The Westmere outhouse was voted the best ever. We returned to Osprey Lake following the “Brunner Trail” which was established over 60 years ago as a foot trail. Also on view along the trails were wild flowers which unfortunately were starting to dry up from the early summer’s heat; however, in damp areas numerous species abounded, amongst these were Columbian Monkshood, Pink Wintergreen, Bunchberry, and Queen’s Cup. Two special treats at the end of the hike were a Townsend Solitaire’s nest built from a projecting sand bank, and a tree which had been marked by bears many times. The woods are full of wonderful surprises!