Tanglewood Hollow

Photo: Tanglewood Hollow
Photo by Janis Wright

Vermilion Forks Field Naturalists experienced a change of pace from our recent hikes in the heat, as we embarked on a leisurely stroll in the cool morning air of Saturday, July 11th. Even more refreshing was the sprinkle of raindrops enjoyed by nine of us as we ambled in search of wildflowers and grasses on the property of Tim and Del Hall. Several of us carried our plant identification books with us, but we benefited greatly from the expertise of Maggie Trehearne, local and venerable naturalist. She recognized a couple of dozen native plants, including Alfalfa, Prickly Lettuce, Eriogonum, a type of buckwheat plant, Narrow-leaved Collomia, from the phlox family, and Lamb’s-quarters, one of the goosefoot species. Grasses identified included Crested Wheatgrass, Fringed Brome, and Pinegrass, just to mention a few. We spent more than 2 hours roaming and reveling in the views, and were rewarded with glasses of lemonade halfway through our ramble. Thanks to Tim & Del, with sincere appreciation to Maggie Trehearne for helping to educate us!