Secret Lake Snowshoe

Photo: Secret Lake Snowshoe
Photo by Janis Wright

Vermilion Forks Field Naturalists were once again favoured with sunny skies and sufficient snow on our most recent snowshoe outing, Saturday, Jan. 30th. Barb Anstie and Myra Quadling led 17 members and guests along a newly formed trail to Secret Lake, a secluded little spot concealed between Chain and Link lakes. We started up a bald hillside which eventually led to a forested area, through which we followed the winding track as we made our way to the frozen lake. This little piece of paradise features two beaver lodges, which we explored as we enjoyed the rays of the sun, unobstructed in the clearing. There were many tracks to be found in the woods, those of snowshoe hares and moose being most prevalent. The only bird life noted was a bald eagle which gracefully circled above us as we returned to our starting point. Our two-hour trek ended with a cozy gathering around a hearty fire which was personally delivered by local fire chief, Rob Miller! Special thanks to Barb, Myra and Lynne for their leadership and hospitality on this fun-filled field trip!