Wolfe Lake with Langley Field Naturalists

Photo: Wolfe Lake
Photo by Janis Wright

Ten Vermilion Forks Field Naturalists were delighted to host 20 birding members of the Langley Field Naturalist Club on an outing to Wolfe Lake, Saturday, May 7th. Led by Tip Anderson, our group was so large we did a head count every half hour! We began our trek after signing a giant thank-you card to Pat Parsons, who graciously hosted us, in absentia, once again. Then we crossed Wolfe Creek, heading east, and hiked along narrow trails through dense deciduous growth and marshy grasses, all the while listening and watching for birds. We were not disappointed, with a count of 30+ species, including Belted Kingfishers, Buffleheads, a Golden Eagle, a Spotted Sandpiper and a Mew Gull. We made our way past a beaver lodge, and spotted several turtles basking on a log in the lake. Beyond the bush, we traveled through older coniferous growth and made our way to more open territory as we circled the lake. The visiting naturalists were charmed by the beauty of the area and entertained by the tall tales told by Tip. It was a hot day, and most of us sought shade when we returned to the picnic area after our 7 km. trek. Despite the 32 degree weather, we roasted a few wieners over a campfire! It was lovely to relax and mingle with our very amiable guests. These visiting birders were in Princeton for the weekend, and were shown other “hot” birding spots by Cathy and Ed Lahaie, our own local experts. We hope to meet with our new friends again soon!