Volcanic Lava Flows

Photo: Volcanic Lava Flows
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Inclement weather, a kind description for the ferocious weather experienced early Saturday morning (July 9th), made the decision for the naturalists to forgo their trip to Palmer Pond and stay near Princeton. The alternate choice was Princeton’s Volcanic Lava Flows located above the old Amber Ski Hill Site. Feasting on plump, juicy Saskatoon berries we made our way to the lava flows. Once there we appreciated the stunning views, especially of the valley and of Baldy in the distance. After the rain everything was a vibrant green. Geologically, this area is very interesting. The lava flows are not the result of a volcanic explosion. At some point in the distant past, possibly five million years ago, molten lava bubbled out of the ground and flowed down the hill, leaving a huge area of rocks. By examining the rocks, we could see the air bubbles (holes). Wandering amongst the lichen-covered rocks, it was easy to visualize the drama that had occurred here. Unlike an area that has been covered in volcanic ash, this site has not recovered from the trauma it experienced. Almost nothing grows here, but we did see some fern that somehow has taken root. Evidence showed that some small animals have also made their home in the rocks. It was a short, delightful hike and the sun even came out!