PY Point Picnic

Photo: PY Point Picnic
Photo by Johanna Nott

The Winter Picnic – Hike was a success with the help of Tip Anderson. Fourteen people attended in spite of the rainy forecast which never materialized. I spread wood chips around the picnic table while Tip built up a good fire for roasting all our goodies. Everyone enjoyed cooking and visiting, others went fishing, while some went for the hike on the Dewdney Trail. We didn’t bother with snowshoes so broke through the crust in spots but lots of spots were bare. Cathy, Ed and I snowshoed up there a few days before and there is definitely less snow now (or finally!) I presented a brief history on the Dewdney Trail (1860) and pointed out the rock retaining walls visable in spots. Further discussion by Tip and Tom re: its route through Manning via Wells and Grainger. Also explained how PY Point got its name based on a car accident in 1916. Driver, P.Y. Smith, had 4 passengers with him when the car rolled into the river. Thankfully no one was killed. This part of the road was narrow with a very sharp corner that has since been blasted out and widened destroying a popular swimming hole that Darnella recalls from her childhood.