Ponderosa Pine Reserve

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A glorious summer day greeted 10 very enthusiastic walkers as they headed up the hill to explore an area known as the Ponderosa Pine Reserve with Warden Charlotte Sellers. We encountered numerous species of flowers and one not yet seen this year, the Round-Leaved Violet, Viola orbiculata, or Yellow Violet as it is commonly called. Actually there are 2 species that look similar but called by different names, the Round-leaved Violet and the Stream Violet. The Round-leaved Violet appeared in profusion in the meadows whilst the Stream Violet populated the grounds around Lamont Creek. Others flowers seen, were the Lemonweed, Fairyslipper, Arrow-leaved Balsamroot, Bullhead Waterleaf, Small Flowered Woodland Star, Oregon Grape, Lockspur, Small Flower Blue-eyed Mary, and lots of Wolf Lichen on the Ponderosa Pine.

We meandered up steep hills with occasional stops to admired and photograph the flowers. We arrived at the highest point to have lunch and after lunch we went along a ridge then down again to the fast flowing Lamont Creek. We followed a dubious trail (cow track) along the banks of Lamont Creek; all of which was very pleasant. In no time at all we were back at the cars. It was a most pleasurable hike.