Holmes Mountain

Photo by Stella Holiday

Met at Billy’s at 10:00 am and filled the cars to capacity to minimize the number of cars parking at the pullout near the Iron Mtn locked gate. Linda Allison had informed me about mining activity on Baldy and sure enough several large trucks were on the narrow road.
There were 8 participants and 1 leashed dog on the hike to Holmes Mtn. Strong winds whipping golden grasslands and racing clouds across a blue sky made for a pleasurable 10km hike (one way). Lunch break was at the high meadows of the Cox & Euller homestead with dramatic views across the Similkameen Valley.

Birds identified:
Red-tailed Hawk, Grey Jay, Clark’s Nutcracker, the ever present Crow, Pine Grosbeaks and a “v” of unidentifiable ducks.
Elk tracks in the mud were noted.

Photo by Johanna Nott