Granite City Campground – Winter Picnic

Photo by M. Masiel

You couldn’t have asked for a more glorious, perfect day for a winter picnic. John spent time
clearing the picnic site and even shoveled a walkway to the outhouse! A disappointing number
of members showed up, only 4 (including myself) and 2 invited guests. This was the easiest
outing ever! It was easy, easy, and it could not have been made easier unless you wanted to be
carried on John’s back! Not that he would volunteer to do so.

The group took a short walk to the Tulameen River, only those that wanted; one person
volunteered to stay behind and tend the home fire. We saw numerous ravens and a couple of
Bald Eagles. Afterwards, we had lunch with a roaring fire in the fire pit that John had started an
hour before our arrival.

Everyone opted to pack up and return home, but John and I stayed behind and snowshoed the
perimeter of Granite City townsite. When we arrived in Princeton 37 years ago, we visited
Granite City. At that time more buildings were visible, now only remnants of 3 buildings remain
and all in a sad state of disrepair. It appears that some signage might be going up as we saw
some stakes demonstrating this. Reluctantly, leaving a beautiful sunny day behind, we headed
home. It may not make sense but enjoying such a day can only be done outdoors and enjoying