Palmer’s Pond 2018

Photo by M. Masiel

The last time this hike was done there was snow on the ground and Cathy Lahaie even managed to do a snow angel! This time the alpine was in bloom. Some flowers were recognizable species; and others, although not new, hadn’t been seen this summer.

It was a perfect day for a hike; the skies were clear so the numerous mountain peaks could be seen, Tulameen, Skagit, and Skaist, and beyond Palmer’s Pond to the next rise, Outram, Hatfield, and even Golden Ears!

Photo by M. Masiel

At Conglomerate Meadows a group of horsemen caught up with us; they were there to leave water bars to stop erosion.

Some delightful flowers on show were White-flowered Rhododendron, Dwarf Marsh Violet, Northern Anemone, Alpine Speedwell, Elephant’s Head Lousewort, Rosy Twisted Stalk, White Mountain Heather, and many others.

Photo by M. Masiel

Palmer’s Pond is always a pleasure, but the distance, a dusty 2 hour drive, doesn’t always make it a desirable destination.